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To achieve any and all of your marketing and advertising goals, let B Social help you design the best digital and print materials for your business!

Marketing Coordinator

Hourly Rate -

If your business needs help with general marketing & graphic design, I can help as your business' marketing coordinator. We can develop a plan with an allotted number of hours per week.


Starts at $30 per hour

Email Marketing

Content and/or photos can be supplied by customer or B Social (additional cost if provided by B Social). Proof of email will be sent to customer before it is sent out. B Social will provide a monthly report on open & engagement rates.


Monthly email: $100/month

Bi-weekly email: $190/month

Weekly email: $365/month


Looking for an email newsletter platform? Try Constant Contact here:

Constant Contact, Email Marketing, B Social Marketing

Marketing Materials Creation

Includes materials listed below and more! All materials will be sent to customer for approval before being printed. All print materials can be made digital as well for no charge.

Social Media Graphic: $30*

*free with social media management

Flyer: $50 + cost of printing

Brochure: $350 + cost of printing

Menu: $450 + cost of printing

Booklet: $550 + cost of printing

Looking for something else or have an idea?
No problem - send B Social a message and we will make it happen for you!
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Thank you for contacting B Social! Brooke will respond to you shortly.

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