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Marketing Coordinator - Hourly

If your business needs help with general marketing & graphic design, I can step in as your business' marketing coordinator. We can develop a plan for an allotted number of hours per week that you are comfortable with.

Starts at $30/hour

Website Updates & Maintenance

Includes updates to website pages, information, events, etc. Can also include website redesign & rebranding. Can be customized to fit your business' website needs.

Starts at $50

Logo Design

Includes initial consultation and discussion of brand, color schemes, & ideas.

1 logo design: $50

3 logo designs: $100

6 designs: $150

Marketing Materials Creation

Includes materials listed below and more! All materials will be sent to customer before printed for approval.

Social Media Graphic: $20

Flyer: $30 + cost of printing

Brochure: $300 + cost of printing

Booklet: $500 + cost of printing

Business Card Design

B Social will design your perfect business card and do all of the ordering for you.

1 design: $30 + cost of production

3 designs: $60 + cost of production

5 designs: $80 + cost of production

Email Newsletters

Content and/or photos can be supplied by customer or B Social (additional cost if provided by B Social). Proof of email will be sent to customer before it is sent out. B Social will provide a monthly report on open & engagement rates.

Monthly email: $60/month

Bi-weekly email: $110/month

Weekly email: $200/month

Want to try email marketing for your business? Try it here: 

Constant Contact, Email Marketing, B Social Marketing

Ad Design

Includes ads for out-of-home advertising, publications, magazines, newspapers, banners, and more!

Starts at $20

Blog Writing

Ideas can be created by customer and/or B Social. Blogs can be posted on customer’s website and social media platforms. 

1 500-word blog post per month: $50

1 800-word blog post per month: $65

2 500-word blog posts per month: $85

2 800-word blog posts per month: $100

Social Media Consultation

Includes a meeting to discuss tips & tricks for optimizing your business on your social media platforms.  You can also choose to receive my content calendar to help keep your social media messages uniform, planned out, and on-brand.

60 minutes: $50

90 minutes: $75

Content Calendar Template: $30       

Brand Strategy Consultation

Includes discussion of current brand and want you want to see from your brand in the future. Can include discussion of logo, social media, website, etc.

 60 minutes: $50

 90 minutes: $75 

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